The muscular system is one of the most incredible things about your horse. It gives it the ability to run like the wind, spin on a sixpence and buck like a fiend!

More than 60% of your horse's body is made up of skeletal muscle. These muscles come in bundles which are, in turn, made up of muscle fibres. These fibres contract to make the muscles move. Fascia, a fibrous tissue, covers each muscle and attaches them to each other. It also attaches to bone through the tendons.

Tendons are important becasue they are vulnerable to injury and can render a horse lame if they're damaged. A tendon sheath protects the tendons that extend over joints and contains synovial fluid which works as a lubricant.

Disorders of the muscles and tendons are one of the largest issues for horses. A horse that is worked hard can damage muscles and tendons.

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