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Energy Xpro
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When horses experience a high work load in training or competition, but also after illness and in convalescence, they need targeted, additional nutritional supply, in order to avoid a decline in performance and ensure quick regeneration.

Equina ENERGY Xpro is a complex supplement containing organic, premium nutrients, displaying a high absorption and exploitation rate.

The liquid form and new application system in shot form to be administered directly into the mouth guarantees fast and safe administration ahead of competition, transport etc...

  • Carnitin, energy metabolism
  • Vitamin E, muscular cell protection, suppleness and rideability
  • Vitamin B complex, energy metabolism and production
  • Magnesium, muscle relaxation and cramp prevention
  • Methionin and lysin, aids muscle build
  • Iron and zinc, optimises supply of oxygen to the muscle, aids immune system

Nutritional Information

Performance and fast regeneration. Xpro series whilst on the move.


  • I-carnitine6,000 mg
  • Vitamin E100,000 mg
  • Vitamin B15,500 mg
  • Vitamin B25,500 mg
  • Vitamin B62,000 mg
  • Vitamin B1245,000 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid4,000 mg
  • Nicotinic Acid8,000 mg
  • Inositol2,000 mg
  • Cholinchloride6,500 mg
  • Iron1,250 mg
  • Zinc1,250 mg
  • l-Lysine50,000 mg
  • Dl-methionine30,000 mg
  • Premium Selection

    The nutrients which are adapted to the physiological nature of the equine digestive system ensuring digestibility and high levels of absorption into the body. They are produced by treating the nutrients with care, some of their best features are high bio availability and effectiveness with best acceptance.

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  • ACTIVE2 TEC (Trace Element Complex)

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During increased exertion

  • Horses (500-700kg)
    20 ml


200 ml


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