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Breeding, growth & performance require high quality nutritional supplementation to the horse's diet providing vitamins and minerals not available in it's normal feed intake.

Haemoxil is designed to improve condition after a time of convalescence. This applies particularly to the following:

  • Sport Horses: Activating and stabalizing the horse's condition to improve performance
  • Foals: Boosts vitality especially directly after birth and provides nutrition to sustain healthy bone development
  • Broodmares: Prevents nutritional deficiencies during advanced pregnancy and lactation
  • Breeding Stallions: Activates and maintains a healthy libido during the breeding season

EQUINA HAEMOXIL is similar individually contingent increased requirement and deficits quickly and dependably from, improves the achievement of sport and breeding horses, promotes the vitality and the bone development of new-born foals.

Nutritional Information

Improve and regain condition after convalescence, breeding, lactating, growth & performance sport.


  • Iron100 mg
  • Copper8 mg
  • Zinc120 mg
  • Cobalt0.30 mg
  • Vitamin B134 mg
  • Vitamin B222 mg
  • Vitamin B622 mg
  • Vitamin B12340 mcg
  • Vitamin K36 mg
  • Ca-Pantothenate21 mg
  • Nikotinic Acid21 mg
  • Folic Acid22 mg
  • Premium Selection

    The nutrients are adapted to the physiological nature of the equine digestive system ensuring digestibility and high levels of absorption into the body. They are produced by treating the nutrients with care, some of their best features are high bio availability and effectiveness with best acceptance.

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  • ACTIVE2 TEC (Trace Element Complex)

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  • Water43.00%
  • Dextrose26.00%
  • Sucrose10.00%
  • Sodium Chloride0.10%


  • Crude Ash3.00%
  • Crude Fat0.00%
  • Crude Fibre0.05%
  • Crude Protein1.50%


  • Zinc
    (as zinc chloride monohydrate, Zn-aminoacid-chelate, hydrate)
    6,000 mg
  • Iron
    (as Fe-II-sulphate heptahydrate, Fe-aminoacid-chelate, hydrate)
    5,000 mg
  • Copper
    (as Cu-II-sulphate pentahydrate, Cu-aminoacid-chelate, hydrate)
    400 mg
  • Cobalt
    (from basic Co-II-carbonate, hydrate)
    15 mg
  • Vitamin B1217,000 mg
  • Vitamin B11,700 mg
  • Vitamin B21,130 mg
  • Vitamin B61,100 mg
  • Folic Acid1,100 mg
  • Nicotinic Acid1,050 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid1,050 mg
  • Vitamin K3300 mg


For horses (500 - 600kg)

  • General

    blood development, anorexia, hair change, anastasis, worm cure
    20 ml - 2 x per week

  • Foal

    Birth, increase of vitality, underdevelopment, diarrhea
    First day after taking milk - 20 ml

    EQUINA MEGANUTRIL junior is recommended after 2nd day of life
    Continued dosage: 1 x 20 ml per week

  • Sporthorse's

    For increased requirements during training and competition phases - 20 ml

    Initial Dose: 1 x per day for 5-7 days. Continued Dosage: 1 x per week

  • Sporthorse's

    For increased requirements during training and competition phases - 20 ml

    Initial Dose: 1 x per day for 5-7 days. Continued Dosage: 1 x per week

  • Pour over feed, drinking water or through use of oral syringe. The dosage for small to medium-sized breeds, administered in proportion to their expected adult weight. Shake well and press desired dosage into bottles marked cap. Because of its trace element content, this liquid feed supplement must not make up more than 2% of the horses‘ daily intake.


250 ml
(12 days provision for a 500-600 kg horse)

1,000 ml
(50 days provision for a 500-600 kg horse)


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