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In order to achieve successful conception, pregnancy and birth, brood mares need targeted nutrition. The same applies when trying to achieve optimal virility of a stallion. In brood mares a shortage of the right nutrients, or a supply of inadequate nutrients can cause problems during ovulation when the mare is in season and also problems with ovarian follicular development (premature embriotic death, abortion).

In stallions insufficient nutrition can result in a reduction of sperm count and lower sperm mobility. Equina TRIFERTIL supplies nutrients that help facilitate ovulation, supports the growth of ovarian follicles, as well as providing nutrients that are essential in producing top quality sperm in a stallion.

Equina TRIFERTIL contains:

  • B carotene (growth of ovarian follicles)
  • Folic acid (protects against miscarriages, helps production of sperm)
  • Zinc – Immune system
  • Copper as Active 2 Tec (embrionic development)
  • Manganese as Active 2 TEC (production of progesterone)
  • Vitamin E and selenium (anti-oxidants, protection of cellular membranes and sperm)
  • Vitamin C as ProCell C – PH neutral with high effectiveness

Copper and manganese in Active 2 Tec form allows for an instant effect and good retention in the body.

Nutritional Information

Fertility of stallions and brood mares


  • Beta Carotine10,000 mg
  • Vitamin A200,000 mg
  • Vitamin C60,000 mg
  • Vitamin E44,000 mg
  • Folic Acid2,00 mg
  • Zinc2,000 mg
  • Copper1,200 mg
  • Manganese2,000 mg
  • Iodine60 mg
  • Selenium10 mg
  • Magnesium2,500 mg
  • Premium Selection

    The nutrients which are adapted to the physiological nature of the equine digestive system ensuring digestibility and high levels of absorption into the body. They are produced by treating the nutrients with care, some of their best features are high bio availability and effectiveness with best acceptance.

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  • ACTIVE2 TEC (Trace Element Complex)

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During increased exertion

  • Horses (500-700kg)
    50 ml


(ca 60 x daily dose)


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