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EQUINA Nutrition - as individual as your horse

Equina Products

No one horse is identical to another. A foal has different nutritional needs as its mother or a top performance horse. In addition to this each horse's individual problems demand different supplements in order to maintain a balanced level of required nutrients.

EQUINA is a thoroughly thought out concept providing a balanced approach to complete the nutritional value of the horse's intake as well as provide the opportunity for the conscientious horse owner to address individual needs with high quality supplementation.


The basic feed stuffs available to horses today (grains, hay, mother's milk) alone cannot supply for the nutritional demands necessary. With EQUINA these deficiencies can be cancelled out and the nutritional intake of the horse brought up to the optimum levels needed. This can begin with foals as young as 2 days old.


The nutrition provided by EQUINA supplements maintains performance and growth levels.

  • Foals & young horses: Steady & healthy physical development
  • Broodmares: Fertility, carrying foals to term & sufficient milk production
  • Breeding Stallions: Fertility and good performance
  • Performance and pleasure horses: Condition and Soundness

These different nutritional demands necessitate specific and individual feeding programs. EQUINA has been developed with this in mind, the end goal being the maintenance of soundness & health under the different stress situations of each type of horse.


Many horses have particular and individual problems (Hoof, Respiratory, Nervousness)

EQUINA's products are made of the most natural and easily absorbed ingredients bringing the desired results quickly as well as maintaining the level of nutrition needed over a long period of time both safely and efficiently.


Basic Supplement
(out of and within the training
phase and contest phase)
EQUINA Meganutril
30g daily
Increased activity supplement
(High level training and Competition)
EQUINA Myofortil ultra
20 g daily
EQUINA Haemoxil
20 ml 1-2 times weekly

FOALS (FINAL WEIGHT 500 - 600kg)

Basic supplement
(starting with the 2nd day of life)
EQUINA Meganutril junior
20ml daily
Additional supplement
(one hour after the birth)
EQUINA Haemoxil
20ml 1 times weekly


Basic supplement EQUINA Meganutril
30ml daily
Increased activity supplement
(Breeding season, pregnancy, lactating)
EQUINA Haemoxil
20ml 1-2 times weekly

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  • Basic Nutrition
  • + Performance Nutrition Individual
  • + Individual diet supplements
  • = Ideal recommended balanced diet